At Chiesi Global Rare Diseases, we aim to expand our business in synergistic therapeutics areas, to enlarge product portfolios, and to increase critical mass in the geographies where Chiesi branches already exist.

Commercial Stage Products

Seeking commercial stage opportunities to grow in three key regions: Europe, US, and Emerging Countries.


Looking to partner with companies that are developing innovative therapeutic assets and platforms, that can provide significant benefits to patients, healthcare providers, and payers, in our core therapeutic areas.

Patient Nonpharma Solutions

Actively pursuing technologies and platforms that allow us to provide evidence-backed nonpharmacological interventions targeted at health outcomes via behavior change, as well as platforms that can enhance our existing product development and commercialization process. We engage with partners via a variety of structures, including licensing agreements, copromotion/distribution, acquisition, and equity investments.


Globally, Chiesi Global Rare Diseases partners with researchers from leading universities, academic medical centers, research institutes, and centers of excellence.

Chiesi Global Rare Diseases has launched an Academic Request for Proposals for technologies to address distribution of macromolecules in hard-to-reach tissues, including:

  • Bone
  • Skeletal/cardiac muscle
  • Central nervous system


for the treatment of rare metabolic disorders, for example Inborn Errors of Metabolism, including Lysosomal Storage Disorders.

Pre-Proposal Deadline: We are no longer accepting proposals.



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