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Our rare disease Mission

At Chiesi, we are making a rare difference. We strive to create a world where it is common to have a therapy for all diseases and we act as a force for good, for society and the planet.

As a family business, we deliver innovative therapies and solutions for people affected by rare diseases. Our goal is to ensure equal access so as many people as possible can experience their most fulfilling life.

We are passionate about what we do and compassionate towards individuals with rare diseases, their caregivers, and partners. We listen to and understand the needs of the community that we are privileged to serve, and we aspire to provide them with support throughout their journey. With perseverance and dedication, our team collaborates with the rare disease community around the globe to bring voice to underserved people in the health care system.

With grit, determination and urgency, we are committed to removing obstacles to provide people affected by rare diseases with the tools they need while overcoming disparities and contributing to the societal imperative of ensuring health for people of all ages.

We leverage our entrepreneurial spirit, integrity and drive to make a substantial difference in the lives of people with rare diseases and their families: We are making a rare difference.

Our passion is  Personal

As a family-owned and -run biopharmaceutical company, our goal is to make a real difference
in the life of every person and every family impacted by rare diseases.

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